What does it cost?

Because all our tours are different our prices vary as well, depending upon what is required.  Best is to send us an email with your requested date, the size of your group and any special requests, and then we can get back to you with a details quote.  Or just give us a call, that works too!

How do I book?

Send us an email with your details, we’ll go over your request with you to craft something fabulous that fits your needs, then we’ll send you a confirmation email with everything you need to know.

Where do the tours start?

Usually our guides will come and meet you at your hotel and you can go direct from there.  Or we can meet you at the airport, your workplace, or wherever else is easiest for you. Occasionally if we think it would help maxmise your experience we may suggest meeting at a landmark location somewhere central.

Can I combine two or more themes/itineraries?

Yes, of course!  All of the suggestions listed on our tours page are exactly that – suggestions.  One of the best thing about booking a private guide with Berlin Private Tours is that everything is customised to fit your interests.  Just let us know your preferences and your timeframe and we’ll let you know what’s possible.

Do you offer small group tours?

No, we don’t.  All our tours are individually created and delivered just for you.

Can I choose my guide? Will you personally be our guide?

I personally guide many tours but of course, I can’t do them all!  That’s why I have my small team of experts to step in when needed.  I will always tell you who your guide will be and let you know about them so you can choose if they feel like a good fit for you.  And of course, specialist tours require specialist guides, and it sometimes requires a bit of matchmaking!

Is a private tour really private?

Yes.  If you book a tour with Berlin Private Tours, you are the only client for that tour.

Are the tours in a vehicle or on foot?

This depends on the tour and on your wishes and budget.  Some people prefer to walk or travel like locals on Berlin’s excellent public transport system.  Other people prefer a private car and driver, especially if they want to see things a little more out of the centre.  Sometimes a taxi is enough to get us where we need to be.  Talk to us and we’ll advise what’s best.

Can we share the tour with other people?

That choice is up to you.  We do not provide open small group tours, however if you meet a couple of extra people at your conference, or on your cruise, or if your mother-in-law wants to tag along at the last minute, that’s all fine.  Your tour, your group.

Do you offer tours in other cities?

In some cities, yes.  It depends upon the destination and the availability of the specilaist guides.  But certainly, ask us about Dresden, Hamburg, Wittenburg or any other place you’re headed.

What if I need to cancel?

The best laid plans of mice and men…  No matter how well organised we are, there is always the chance that something annoying may get in the way of our travel plans.  We understand this and offer very generous cancellation terms.  With up to 3 weeks notice there are no cancellation fees involved.  With less than 3 weeks notice we ask for a cancellation fee in order to compensate the guide for having turned away other clients in order to keep the day free for you.  Details will be included in your confirmation email.

Can I pay by credit card or Paypal?

At the moment we cannot accept Credit Card payments, but Paypal is fine.  It will however incur an extra fee for electronic payment and needs to be paid in advance of the tour.  Ask us for details when you book.

Can I pay on the day?

In most circumstances yes, as long as we have details to guarantee payment in case of a no show.

Can I pay in $US?

No, sorry.  We are a European business and all our guides live and work in Europe.  Payment is accepted in euros only.  Thank you for understanding!

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