At Berlin Private Tours we do not provide generic tours. We do not work to a script or follow a specific ‘route’. We work to the needs and desires of our clients to provide a flexible and interesting itinerary to show you what you are most interested in as well as some things you may not even know exist. The tour itineraries listed here are simply suggestions, we can mix and match as you like depending on your level of interest, budget and time constraints. Do make sure you check out ‘More Specialised Possibilities’ page.  Let us know your interests and we’ll make them possible.

Berlin's Greatest Stories

Showcasing the best of Berlin we take in all the main sites, along the way discussing everything from the Kaisers to WWII, cold war division through to vibrant modern day Berlin.

Hitler's Berlin

In many ways this is the most difficult era of Berlin’s history. In this tour we focus on the era of National Socialism in Berlin, attempting to answer those hard questions and trace what remains today.

Jewish Heritage

Come and walk the back streets where many older Jewish institutions flourished. Visit sites of both historical and modern day relevance as well as some beautiful smaller memorials to the Jewish experience.

Exploring West Berlin

Many visitors never cross the expanse of the Tiergarten to explore the western area of Berlin. Let us pull back the veil and show you some of the hidden treasures that lie behind the ‘wall in people’s head’.

The Divided City

Berlin was the front line of the cold war, and it still very much shapes the lives of those who live here today. Some truths are stranger than fiction – come and see where these iconic events played out.

Off the Beaten Track

In this tour we head well away from the tourist sites, taking in some of Berlin’s most colourful neighbourhoods. Experience how Berlin is in everyday life for those of us who live here.

Potsdam Daytrip

Far removed from the hustle and bustle of Berlin is Potsdam, the city where the Prussian kings chose to build their summer palaces. Gorgeous gardens and cold war history abound on this beautiful daytrip.

Sachsenhausen Memorial Daytrip

Sachsenhausen was the first custom built Concentration Camp in Europe. Bear witness to this disturbing and complex site with an expert guide.

Women's Perspective

So much of history is male-oriented. This tour will take in many main sites (as well as some more hidden) while focusing on the female characters of Berlin. Come and explore the flipside of the gender coin.

Art Tours

Want to dive into the vast gallery scene in Berlin but don’t know where to start? Very understandable, because the number of choices is enormous.

Museum Tours

We know having a private guide at your side can greatly enhance your museum experience, especially when your time is limited. Ask us about private Museum tours – after all, you can’t ask questions from an audio guide.

More Specialised Possibilities

Don’t find what you’re looking for? We offer a range of niche tours to suit every taste, as well as trips to other cities close by. Here you can see the full extent of what’s possible.

Bespoke Itineraries for discerning travellers

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