Team Berlin Private Tour group picture Berlin Over more than a decade of working in the industry in Berlin, we have worked with perhaps hundreds of guides from all ages, languages and backgrounds. From this rather wide pool we I have networked a select group of experienced guides to work with us (though not all of them could make the photo shoot!).

At Berlin Private Tours we demand a high level professionalism from the guides with whom we work. Everyone who guides for us has a university degree, and many have post graduate masters or doctorate degrees. The background education of each guide varies, some have degrees in European history or German studies, others come from the fields of archeology, architecture, journalism, or radio, music and film. Several are published authors and all of our team are long term residents of Berlin – some are born and bred here and others have adopted this as the place they want to be. And perhaps most importantly, all our guides know this city inside out and are passionate about their work.

They are not only highly educated and experienced, but they are all lovely people as well. We believe a tour is not just about sites, names and dates, but it is about telling the stories of the city. It is a conversation about place, the communication of ideas, and conveying the lived experience of history with in a modern culture. All our guides are not just experienced at guiding, they are excellent conversationalists and master storytellers, able to weave together the strands of people (names), time (dates) and place (sites) to create an unforgettable tapestry of history, culture, war and the rebirth of a nation which encompasses the sweeping saga of Berlin.